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HCAMn Suspending Operations

With great sadness, HCAMn Board of Directors has made a decision to suspend all operations. Financially, we are no longer able to continue to support the necessary staff, services, and resources that will move us to single payer health care. In the years since HCAMn incorporated as a nonprofit, we have seen Single Payer move from an issue that rarely got any press, to one that is actively debated and talked about. HCAMn was also instrumental in the development of the Minnesota Health Plan single payer bill and its progress through our legislature. We know the pursuit to achieve a universal health care system will continue with committed people as yourself. THANK YOU to all who have remained loyal for so long…for your work, and for your contributions that have brought us this far. As the board carries on with their review regarding the future of HCAMn, I encourage you to continue to provide your support. With your commitment and support, Minnesota will achieve single payer health care.

Most sincerely,

Ginger Thrasher,
Board Chair -- on behalf of HCAMn Board Members