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Missing the Point- Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR)

Huffington Post
September 3, 2010

...In the current health reform law, I included a provision that would allow states to gain an exemption from certain federal requirements -- such as the individual mandate, the employer penalty and the exact standards for designing the exchanges, subsidies and basic health insurance policies -- if they could find a way to do a better job of covering their state's citizens. And I have been working to help states, like my home state of Oregon, take advantage of this option and hopefully move-up the date when states can start applying for waivers. The reason for this -- as the legislators in my state will attest -- is that it's a lot less cost effective for states to implement their own approaches in 2017 if they also have to pay to implement the federally mandated approach in 2014... Read in Full

Workers Paying a Greater Share of Health Insurance Coverage

St. Paul Pioneer Press
Christopher Snowbeck
September 3, 2010

Workers are struggling to pick up a larger share of the nation's expanding health care tab, and the burden now includes a bigger chunk of health insurance premium costs, too...

Beyond paying more in premiums, the survey found that workers are paying more out of pocket for care by way of co-pays and deductibles. The results show how the growing cost of health care continues to outstrip wage increases...

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For Candidates, No Easy Fixes on Health Care

Gubernatorial candidates agree health care is a top priority, but they differ on how to provide care while facing a $6 billion budget deficit.

By Warren Wolfe
Star Tribune
August 8, 2010

Six leading candidates for governor say a top priority next year will be wrestling with the cost and shape of health care in Minnesota. No wonder: Medical spending accounts for roughly one-fifth of the state budget -- a share that is growing and is sure to be battered by a $6 billion projected deficit, just as state and federal laws start shifting health care into uncharted waters. Read More

"Stop in the Name of Health"- Activist Flash Mob Protest

Activists in New York City Mark Medicare's 45th Anniversary

Senator John Marty Makes the Case for the MN Health Plan- New Senate Video

In this video by the Senate Media Services, Senator John Marty, Chief Author, makes the case for the Minnesota Health Plan.

A DFL Row Over Single-Payer? It Could Happen!

Lori Sturdevant
Star Tribune
July 10, 2010

Just when I was about to pronounce this year's DFL gubernatorial primary campaign a pale, issueless comedown from the party's policy brawls of yore, my phone rang. The caller was Jeremy Drucker, spokesman for Matt Entenza's campaign. He'd noted my posted observation from a Duluth forum about how Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Yvonne Prettner Solon (Mark Dayton's running mate) echoed each other in support of moving Minnesota toward a single-payer health care system...

...Single-payer health care could produce an argument worthy of a DFL primary fight, thought I, and about something that matters, to boot. Health care amounts to about 9 percent of the total state economy -- more if the medical-device and insurance industries are thrown in...

... But unlike those rows of yesteryear, this one is about something central to government and critical to the state's future. So keep talking, candidates, while I put these bugs in voters' ears: It's not possible to fix the state budget without fixing health care. Unless exploding health care costs are checked, they'll eat away at the capacity of state government to do anything else in years not far ahead.

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DFL Gubernatorial Candidates Debate Health Care on TPT Almanac

On Almanac with Cathy Wurzer and Eric Eskola
Twin Cities Public Television

July 2, 2010

The DFL Gubernatorial candidates "square off" on Almanac.  Discussion of single-payer and the MN Health Plan begins around minute 26.

Single-Payer System is sustainable, Responsible

Letter to Editor
Star Tribune
June 23, 2010
by Amy Lange

Executive Director
Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition

It's heartening to see single-payer health care being debated by gubernatorial candidates. Our next governor will have the opportunity to enact the Minnesota Health Plan, a sustainable and fiscally responsible solution to our health care mess. The spiraling cost of health care is a huge contributor to the state's current budget crisis. This is precisely the reason we must enact a single-payer system like the Minnesota Health Plan.

Our current system is unsustainable. Tweaks, mandates and corporate insurance bailouts will no longer work. The Minnesota Health Plan would save money, lowering the per-person cost of health care and giving working families and small businesses relief from the crushing burden of health care costs. And by focusing on prevention and primary care, the plan would keep people healthier and more productive.

U.S. Scores Dead last Again in Healthcare

June 23, 2010

Americans spend twice as much as residents of other developed countries on healthcare, but get lower quality, less efficiency and have the least equitable system...

..."We rank last on safety and do poorly on several dimensions of quality," [the researcher] told reporters. "We do particularly poorly on going without care because of cost. And we also do surprisingly poorly on access to primary care and after-hours care."

...When a country fails to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, it also fails to meet the needs of the average citizen," the report reads.

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Single-Payer Takes Center Stage in Race for Governor

Kelliher weighs in on single-payer health care pledge

by Tom Scheck,
Minnesota Public Radio
June 21, 2010

The new national health care law is expected to be a big issue this year's election, but the DFL's endorsed candidate for governor has been promising to go one step further.

Minnesota House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher pledged to DFL delegates this spring that she would enact a single-payer health plan in Minnesota, but now she says she wants to study the cost first...

The article addresses each Gubernatorial candidate's position- read it in full