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MN Health Plan Presented to Pierz City Council

COACT Appeals to Pierz Council to Support Minnesota Health Plan
Morrison County Record
By Terry Lehrke

Monday night, members of the Minnesota Citizens Organized ACting Together (COACT) asked the Pierz City Council to consider drawing up and approving a resolution in support of such a plan.

COACT serves as the headquarters for the Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition (MUHCC). The Coalition is made up of unions, citizens, doctors, nurses, farmers, business owners and retirees who work together for the single-payer Minnesota Health Plan for all Minnesotans.

COACT’s Don Pylkkanen said the MHP is a cost-efficient plan, separate from the federal plan passed in March...

...The Pierz Council attempted last year, to find health care coverage the city could afford for its employees. “Something needs to be done, because we can’t afford to insure our own five full-time employees,” Pierz Mayor Toby Egan said. “But I’m not quite sure this is the right way to go about it.” Read in full