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Trainings and Presentations Sponsored by MUHCC/Campaign for the MN Health Plan

Making the Case for Single-Payer- What is the Evidence?

Learn the basics of single-payer:

  • What it is
  • Why it controls costs
  • How it assures universal access to care
  • Why it is the only solution that does

Question and Answer Session Following Presentation

Presenter: Dr. Lisa Nilles, Acting Director of the Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition

Thursday February 10th
6:30-8:00 p.m.

The Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition
2469 University Ave W
Saint Paul MN 55114

Lower Level Conference Room

Free of Charge, Everyone Welcome
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The Minnesota Health Plan at the Minnesota State Fair


state fair

Eighty-Five people covered 120 shifts!

We had teams of volunteers covering all 12 days of the fair talking to people about the Minnesota Health Plan and collecting signatures on a petition to the MN Congressional Delegation in  support of removing remaining federal barriers.

Thank you to all the wonderful supporters who gave their time and energy to represent us at the State Fair. Talking with Minnesotans and getting people engaged on this issue is the MOST important work we can do. This is a people powered movement, if the enthusiasm of our volunteers is any indication, we have the power to pass the Minnesota Health Plan.  THE MINNESOTA HEALTH PLAN- IT COSTS LESS AND COVERS MORE!

Summer Celebration for Single-Payer

donna smithWhat a wonderful "Single-Payer Summer Celebration" last week!! Over 200 guests came to the University Club to enjoy music, inspiring words and the enthusiastic company of single-payer advocates. We were treated to dinner music by Papa John Kolstad and his swing band, saw the premier of MUHCC's first video short (see below), and finished off the evening with stirring and soulful music by T Mychael Rambo and Thom West.   Senator Sharon Erickson-Ropes illustrated her commitment to the Minnesota Health Plan with stories from constituents of financial miseries resulting from their medical needs. Donna Smith, an organizer with the National Nurses United, offered a rousing national perspective, emphasizing that states must now lead the way toward single-payer health care. In her words, "Who among us knows exactly what the path (to single-payer) will be in the US? It might Snator Martylead right through Minnesota or California or Maine or Vermont, well before it rolls in waves of insistent justice through Washington, DC." She lavished praise on the single-payer movement in Minnesota.   Thunderous applause and a standing ovation greeted Senator John Marty as he came forward to accept the first ever MUHCC Single-Payer Leadership Award. Senator Marty was acknowledged as "a special person, a legislative leader T Mychael Rambowho has wholeheartedly embraced the cause of universal health care, effectively promoted it to the public and to legislators, and deeply inspired all of us."

Photos Top to Bottom: Donna Smith, keynote address; Lisa Nilles, Board Chair presenting the Single-Payer Leadership Award to Senator Marty ; T Mychael Rambo jazz performer.

MN Health Plan Passes House Health Policy Committee!

The House Health Care and Human Services Policy and Oversight Committee took the Minnesota Health Plan off the table on February 23, 2010 and voted to pass it. . No testifiers were called, but the bill received vigorous debate as House chief author David Bly fielded questions from Committee members. physicians at hearing

The hearing room was packed to overflowing with advocates who erupted in spontaneous applause on a number of occasions.   A number of legislators including Liebling, Laine, Hayden, Fritz, Ruud, Gardner and Loeffler spoke positively about the bill and declared their intention to vote affirmatively, in advance of the vote. Jeers and snickers broke out when Rep. Steve Gottwalt (HD15A- St.Cloud) criticized the plan as "socialist".

Final Vote: 11-6

packed roomIn Favor: Fritz (26B), Gardner (53A), Hayden (61B), Huntley (7A), Laine (50A), Liebling (30A), Loeffler (59A), E. Murphy (64A), Ruud (42A), Thao (65A), Thissen (63A)
Opposed: Abeler (48B), Bunn (56A), Gottwalt (15A), Kelly (28A), Mack (37A), Torkelson (21B)
Pass: Norton (29B)

The Mad as Hell Doctors Come to Minnesota!

Mad as Hell Doctors - the Rubber Glove Hits the Road!mad as hell care-van


The Doctors say "a single-payer plan is the only real path to a Health Care System that is socially, ethically and fiscally responsible."

The "Mad as Hell" caravan was in Minnesota on September 16th for a town hall forum in Mankato and a Rally/ Town Hall Forum in the State Capitol Rotunda.

People responded to the current health care crisis: "We're Mad as Hell and We're Not Going to Take it Anymore!!"
mad as hell

News Coverage:

Fox News: Mankato
Minnesota Public Radio
Mankato Free Press
Star Tribune-Nick Coleman

For More Information- check their website:

Spread the Single-Payer Message at the State Fair

The Great Minnesota Get Together-  Building the Single-Payer Movement

Volunteering at the Minnesota State Fair

volunteers working the crowdThursday August 27th- Monday September 7th

Over 50 volunteers staffed our table at the MN State Fair.

We had lively conversations with supporters and opponents and collected pages and pages of signatures in support of the "Kucinich Amendment"  a provision in HR3200, the Federal Reform bill that would remove barriers, allowing states to enact single-payer health care plans. We collected stacks of personal postcards to legislators in support of the MN Health Plan.  Everyone wants to talk health care.  Thousands told us "YES, single-payer is the only real solution. LET'S GET IT DONE!" Thank you to all our volunteers.

Mobilize for the MN Health Plan-Training

Mobilize for the Minnesota Health Plan- Adocacy and OrganizingTraining
A BIG SUCCESS in Rochester Minnesota

rochester Q&A

Over 60 single-payer supporters gathered on Saturday October 31st at the Rochester Senior Center for a packed day of training on the Minnesota Health Plan. Content included a presentation  on the Minnesota Health Act by Representative David Bly, chief House author. A panel of physicians answered challenging questions about how to pitch single-payer and explained the basis of savings under a single-payer system. Rep Tina Liebling of Rochester lead a session on effective Rep. Liebling meets with constituentscitizen lobbying after which all particpants engaged in a mock lobbying visit. The day was rounded out with a training on community organizing led by Chris Conry health care field director for TakeAction.  Each participant was asked to commit to specific actions to advance single-payer health care for Minnesota. Future trainings around the state are in the planning stages.

Chris teaches community organizing

30th Annual COACT Farm Picnic- In Support of the MN Health Plan

Sunday August 22nd, 2010
2:00 p.m.
Pierz Park,
603 Park Ave SE  Pierz MN 56364farm picnic

David Mair, MD, of Physicians for an National Health Program, presented the Minnesota Health Plan at COACT's 30th Farm Picnic, August 22, at Pierz to an attentive audience of 125, including SD 12 Senate and House candidates. Incumbent DFL Representative Al Doty and DFL Senate candidate Taylor Stevenson lined up as single-payer proponents of the Plan to rein in runaway health costs for farms and businesses; whereas the Republican Senate and House candidates Paul Gazelka and Mike LeMieur advocated free market solutions.


Medicare: Made in America-DC Lobby Day and Rally


July 30th 2009, Washington DC 1:00 p.m.

Celebrate Medicare's 44th Birthday by showing Congress and President Obama the people, unions, doctors, nurses, seniors, faith groups, and Americans of every stripe support a single-payer system.

As President Obama says, "We must build on what works and leave out what doesn't." Medicare has
successfully provided care to seniors and people with disabilities for almost half a century. Medicare is a truly American-made system that other health care systems around the world have since been modeled after. With little over 3% administrative overhead, we must look to this American solution to our health care crisis.

For more information including transportation
Download a flyer

If you can't attend make sure you lobby your member of congress on July 30th. Call, write or stop by the home office.
Find your Representative Here


Full House at Ellison Health Care Forum

Over 200 enthusiastic people attended Congressman Ellison's Health Care Forum on Wednesday July 1st to voice opinions and ask questions about the hotly debated federal health care reforms.  Congressman Ellison opened with impassioned support for single-payer, but with the admonition that we can't "let perfect be the enemy of the good". He cautioned that single-payer was not going to be enacted but that a "robust public plan" could be a stepping stone. He encouraged the health reform movement to be unified because, he warned, the opposition is unified and they will win if we are fractured. Panelists included Julie Schnell, President SEIU Health Care MN; Eliot Seide, Executive Director AFSCME Council 5; Elizabeth Frost MD, Co-Chiar PNHP-MN and Steering Committee MUHCC; John Kolstad, Metropolitan Independent Business Alliance; Val Overton Nurse Practitioner; Michael Harristhal, Vice President, Public Policy and Strategy at HCHC. An entire hour was devoted to comments and questions from the audience.  There was overwhelming support for single-payer and a public option. Both Elizabeth Frost and John Kolstad spoke about the Minnesota Health Plan and the need for federal reforms to allow for state single-payer plans. Many attendees stopped the MUHCC table to sign up and get materials on the MN Health Plan.